Selected Member/Partner Projects

Savannah River Nuclear Solutions Cooling Tower Implosion

Project scope includes:

  • Demolition of 455’ tall x 333’ diameter hyperbolic poured concrete reinforced Cooling Tower through use of explosives
  • Drilling of approx 3900 holes at strategic locations for explosive placement
  • Drilling utilized 150 ton lattice boom crawler crane and 330’ boom with a customized personnel man-basket
  • Subsequent size reduction, load-out, and debris transport to an onsite landfill
  • Installation of over 1000 cubic yards of CLSM in below grade pits
  • Installation of over 1200 ‘Jersey Barriers’
  • Restoration of approximately 3 acres with stone, grading and native grass, seed and vegetation

AK Steel – Former Cold Mill and Power House Decommissioning

Project scope includes:

  • Complete environmental remediation of all asbestos, universal wastes and hazardous wastes
  • Comprehensive demolition of the entire 500,000 square foot Cold Mill Steel Facility and supporting powerhouse
  • Handling of over 12,000 gross tons of salvageable, recyclable items and other metals
  • Transportation/disposal of approximately 2,000 tons of asbestos materials, ACM roofing, and other environmental wastes
  • Design and installation of bulkheads and sub-grade placement of CLSM
  • Concrete flatwork for additional manufacturing space over abandoned pit and trenches

Experience With Power Plants (Fossil & Nuclear)

The Senior Management Team and Principals of American DND possess valuable lessons learned and enormous experience from performing over 25 decommissioning projects in both the nuclear and fossil power industries. Prior Projects range in size from over $50M for complete decommissioning down to projects less than $300K for simple equipment extraction/dismantling tasks. Jobs have been performed all over the country for clients such as Yankee Atomic Energy Company (YAEC) [Projects = Yankee Rowe & Connecticut Yankee] also for “Fleet” projects, for Central & Southwest (CSW), for projects in Waleeka OK, San Benito TX, San Angelo TX, and Abilene TX. Additional prior projects include work for/at Jackson Electric Authority (JEA), Westinghouse Savannah River Site (WSRS – 284F Power House), Con Edison, and Mirant Energy at their Tompkins Cove Facility,  Dairyland Power Corp (DPC) Alma Powerplant (fossil) and the Lacrosse Boiling Water Reactor (LCBWR) and the Genoa Station and numerous other large Industrial Power Houses.

PG&E Humboldt Bay Power Plant (Nuclear)

As the project owners decommissioning Subject Matter Expert (SME) American DND provided oversight, consulting and QA/QC engineering throughout the decommissioning process.

Project scope includes:

  • Intake and Discharge Canal Remediation
  • Nuclear Facilities Demolition and Excavations
  • Below grade caisson removal to bedrock at approximately 150′ to 200′ below  grade
  • Office Facility Demolition and Removal – 32 Building units (40,000ft2 )
  • Final Site Restoration
  • Waste Handling
  • Terminating the NRC license with no restrictions
  • Satisfying the environmental requirements imposed by California regulatory agencies and the NRC
  • Minimizing the cost of managing and disposing of the waste